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My Success Story – Chen Read

September 21, 2017/by Jef

My Success Story – Brandon Urdang

August 25, 2017/by Jef

My Success Story – Direshni Naiker

July 20, 2017/by Jef

A Carbon Footprint can help you identify inefficiencies, and opportunities within your business.

Global climate change, rising seas, warming of the earth; and…
May 15, 2017/by Jef

Sustainability Strategist – The skills needed

The term Sustainability, and the associated term Sustainable…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

Carbon Tax is Coming

A carbon tax has been mooted for South Africa for some time now…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

Carbon Footprint – A great tool to start saving costs

It is widely understood by that the levels of carbon dioxide…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

BBBEE, Skills Development and your Business

BEE and the associated transformation challenges in South Africa…
May 12, 2017/by Jef

Carbon tax 2013/14 – Will it affect job growth?

The recent announcement by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan…
March 12, 2014/by Jef
Carbon footprint assessor salary comparison

Carbon Footprint Assessor salary

Many of us are passionate about the environment and want to work…
March 12, 2014/by Jef

Property: Environment to become a key factor.

March 12, 2014/by Jef

How the future carbon tax will create demand for carbon footprinting

One month ago Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan confirmed that…
March 12, 2014/by Jef

Carbon Disclosure Project

Those of us involved in the green industries would have come…
March 12, 2014/by Jef

Carbon Footprint Analyst Interview

Tell us a little about yourself; what are your interests? Do…
March 12, 2014/by Jef

What do you need to start your green career? Taking short courses is often sufficient

The increasing urgency to consider, protect and conserve the…
March 12, 2014/by Jef

The most expensive coal power station in the world


Medupi is a large coal power station located in…
March 12, 2014/by Jef