My Success Story – Chen Read

Chen enrolled in our Carbon Footprint Assessment course in Durban in June 2015.

How did you find out about Terra Firma Academy?

Online research for “Carbon Footprint analysis” courses.

What drove you to search for training in the first place?

I wanted to expand my personal skills, as well as my company’s service line.

What was your expectation of the training, and was it met, superseded or not quite what you expected?

Expectations were met in terms of the theoretic learning materials; however more practical examples and exercises would have been beneficial.

Have you done any similar short courses, and if so, how did they compare?

A similar 3-days course I did (in a different discipline) also included a site visit on the last day, to practically apply the theoretic learning materials. It could have been beneficial to visit a suitable facility, and together with the facilitator to identify the applicable emission sources, then return to the classroom and conduct the analysis.

What is your success story – how did the training help you achieve your goals?

The training enabled my company to add a service line, and enabled me to manage such projects. Since the training I’ve been involved in 5 carbon footprint mapping projects, and bided for several relevant tenders. Completing the SETA certified course had assisted in meeting the minimum requirements for the relevant tenders.

Have you managed to use the learning and insight you gained from the training in your job?

Initially yes; however – as mentioned before, the course is lacking more practical training (especially in identifying the emission sources in various types of facilities). The course assisted in understanding and conducting the footprint calculations.

Now that you have experienced the benefits of training to ‘get ahead’/find a job, what is your next step in terms of your career?

To continue to obtain new skills and improve existing skills.