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Sustainability Strategist – The skills needed

The term Sustainability, and the associated term Sustainable Development, have been used in many broad and differing contexts. As a result, their meanings and conceptual use have been diluted. In fact, there is not one singular definition of sustainability and different theorists or schools of thought have presented their own versions. The World Commission on […]

Carbon Tax is Coming

A carbon tax has been mooted for South Africa for some time now and has been delayed on a number of occasions. A focus on greenhouse gas emissions gained momentum since COP15 (Climate Change gathering of world leaders) in 2009. The target that South Africa committed to in 2009 was a national reduction of greenhouse […]

Carbon Footprint – A great tool to start saving costs

It is widely understood by that the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere are on the rise and that this rise has negative implications for the environment and society. However, the precise levels, or concentrations, of atmospheric CO2 are far less known, and as a result, so is the urgency of the matter. […]

BBBEE, Skills Development and your Business

BEE and the associated transformation challenges in South Africa is a hotly debated (and sometimes contentious) issue between business owners and the nation’s policymakers. The objective of this article is not to debate the merits of either position but rather to understand what the reality is for certain organisations concerning their Skills Development and Training […]

Carbon tax 2013/14 – Will it affect job growth?

The recent announcement by Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan on the 22nd February 2012 in which he confirmed the Government’s intention to implement a Carbon Tax in South Africa has opened the door to many a heated debate about topics that include the viability of implementing this tax, what it will do to industry in […]

Carbon Footprint Assessor salary

Many of us are passionate about the environment and want to work in an area that fuels this passion. However man cannot live on passion alone and the team at Terra Firma Academy is often asked by new students “how much can I earn as a Carbon Footprint Assessor once I have completed the Terra Firma […]